New Face Shields and Options
June 5, 2020
New Face Shields and Options

METHOD has seen an enormous amount of interest in our line of face shields. As the current situation with COVID-19 evolves and businesses start to re-open there is a need for new models and features.

We recently released a new model, the FS2 Face Shield which is 2" longer than our FS1. This provides additional coverage if you like to tilt the shield up a bit more.

Along with the FS2 we now offer optional headband padding for our FS1 and FS2 face shields. This provides extra comfort for a wide variety of industries and users.

We can also confirm that our FS1 face shield fits and can be used by school-aged children K-12.

For our existing HH1 hard hat face shields and BC1 bump cap face shields, we introduced an option to have the shield in a fixed position so it cannot be tilted.

We are also working towards Health Canada approval for the FS1/FS2 models, and CSA approval for the HH1 and BC1 shield options.

All these improvements give METHOD an impressive face shield line up. If you would like to order please give us a call at 604-888-2008 or email

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